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2018: A Year of Successful Growth for OnBoard Security

Posted by Gene Carter on Dec 18, 2018 10:07:14 AM

2018 has been an eventful year for OnBoard Security® and the markets we serve. The year started with a bang when OnBoard Security was spun off from Security Innovation®, becoming an independent company with the mission to help Automotive and IoT manufacturers stay ahead of the curve in cyber security. As an independent company, we are better positioned to focus on filling critical cyber security gaps in our target markets.

New Products

During 2018, OnBoard Security went to market with 2 different APIs for our TrustSentinel™ TSS 2.0 software: the Enhanced System API (ESAPI) and the System API (SAPI). Each API has different levels of abstraction and memory footprints, allowing customers to choose the right solution for their platforms. We are seeing a significant increase in customer enthusiasm for implementing hardware roots of trust. Our job is to make this easier for them.

On the automotive cybersecurity side of our business, OnBoard Security launched a Beta version of the V2X Validation Tool which allows V2X equipment and stack providers, car makers, certification firms, infrastructure manufacturers and municipalities to test their new products in the face of simulated hacking and spoofing attempts. The tool allows users to change any element of the security stack to broadcast various Basic Safety Messages (BSMs), Signal Phase and Timing (SPaT) and other V2X application messages to observe how receiving units will react. You can see a demo here. A dangerous new breed of connected and autonomous vehicle evil-doers are lurking on the sidelines looking for new vulnerabilities. Our job is to help thwart them.

New Partners

As a small company, OnBoard Security relies on strong partnerships to bring our solutions to customers around the world. This year we announced some important new partnerships. In the trusted computing area, we partnered with the 3 dominant TPMs manufacturers, Infineon, ST Micro and Nuvoton – all of which are fully supported by our TrustSentinel TSS 2.0. To further support trusted computing, OnBoard Security selected Avnet Asia as our distribution partner in Taiwan.

New Market Areas

In March, with the help of Johns Hopkins University, we demonstrated that Drones (UAVs) could be protected from cyber security threats by using our Aerolink® Communication security. A few months later, in an unrelated development, we were awarded a US Department of Energy grant, with Virginia Tech, to investigate cyber security threats in Electric Vehicles and Charging Stations. Finally, in the Fall, we developed new standards for a Secure Vehicle Interface (SVI), in conjunction with the Auto Care Alliance, to allow vehicle owners to control who can view their data and what information they can access.

New Publications

OnBoard Security’s people are among the leading experts in their fields and in high demand for speaking engagements and writing papers, blogs and articles on best security practices, new research and security use cases. During the year, we published several papers and books, a number of blogs and presented at many major conferences. Some of the more popular are:

New Leadership

During 2018, we added Pete Paglia, former President and CEO at Azimuth Systems, to the management team as our new Chief Operation Officer to help drive fund-raising and subsequent growth initiatives. Additionally, Walter Dorfstatter, former Executive Director at General Motors and President of OnStar, was added to our Board of Directors to provide guidance as we develop new vehicle cyber security products and services.

It has been an incredible journey for our small but influential company. All signs point to 2019 being an even more productive, eventful and fulfilling year with new products, new markets and new ways of helping build confidence in our connected world.

Happy New Year from everyone at OnBoard Security!

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