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Broadening Support of DSRC for V2V Safety

Posted by Gene Carter on Oct 2, 2017 12:10:17 PM

Toyota recently sent a letter to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) urging them to protect the 5.9 GHz band for Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC), the technology behind Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V)communications. Toyota noted that “The market leaders in Japan (Toyota), Europe (Volkswagen), and the United States (General Motors) have now either begun deployment of DSRC technology or announced a specific deployment plan for the technology.”

In general, the car makers and governments around the world are backing the use of DSRC for V2V because of the life-saving and environmental benefits. The technology has undergone extensive real-world tests and is continuing to be rolled out in new and extended deployments.

However, there is still one powerful faction that remains opposed to DSRC – the supporters of 5G, the next generation wireless standard, who are proposing that we delay the implementation of life saving technology until they can demonstrate acceptable speed and latency of their technology. Don’t get me wrong, 5G promises to represent a terrific advance in communication capabilities, but we cannot afford to wait for it to go through the extensive testing required for safety of life applications. To better understand the DSRC vs 5G V2X debate, you can check out this white paper from Autotalks and NXP Semiconductors.

In addition to the DSRC deployment by GM and Toyota, and the announced 2019 deployment by VW, there are numerous other projects in the United States already committed to DSRC, namely:

Connected Vehicle Pilots

New York City CV Pilot will feature an estimated 8,000 vehicles outfitted with V2X equipment, including 5,850 taxis, 1,250 city buses, 400 UPS trucks, and 500 city vehicles, all communicating with one another as well as 350 roadside units.

Tampa CV Pilot will equip 10 buses, 10 streetcars and the cars of 1,600 volunteer drivers with DSRC technology.

Wyoming CV Pilot will include 400 fleet vehicles and 75 road side units along the heavy trucking corridor of I-80 to improve the safety of winter driving.

Truck Platooning

Daimler has already tested its Freightliner trucks in Oregon and is planning on continuing tests in Nevada, using V2V to adjust throttle and braking, claiming that digitals systems are 3-5 times faster than human reactions.

The US Army is equipping a truck convoy of at least four vehicles this summer to transmit its speed and location to roadside units and receive data such as lane closures and speed limits along a portion of Interstate 69 in Michigan.

Peloton Technology will deliver V2V systems in late 2017 to a small number of truck fleets, with larger deployment in 2018. With V2V, platooning trucks maintain a gap of 35 to 50 feet. Drivers in each truck steer their vehicle, while the systems adjust speed.

Smart Cities

Columbus Ohio will deploy V2X capabilities along State Route 33 to communicate with Honda vehicles.

MCity in Ann Arbor is a 32-acre test facility of simulated urban and suburban environments where researchers can test a variety of challenging scenarios in V2X equipped autonomous vehicles.

Ann Arbor V2V pilot which featured 3000 connected cars, will be greatly expanded over the next few months with more instrumented roadways and many more vehicles.

The SPaT Challenge (Signal Phase and Timing) will deploy around 20 V2X equipped traffic light intersections in every state in the US by January 2020.


There are many more examples of DSRC deployment in the US, as well as Europe and Asia. OnBoard Security’s Aerolink® is the leading security solution for V2X communications and can support both DSRC and 5G. So, we don’t have a horse in the race between DSRC and 5G. But we would like to see V2X deployed as soon as possible because more than 1000 lives can be saved each year by implementing V2X, according to US DOT estimates. DSRC is the only viable solution for immediate deployment due to its availability and extensive testing.


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